Batty Visitors

OK it has been awhile since I have written on here, and while my life is going through hell my Path has been quite quiet of late, with no major email bombs going off in my mind, but last night, about 2045 I suddenly thought about the bat that sometimes visits the back garden. I have not thought about her for many years but suddenly I needed to go outside and see if she was there. I roll a cigarette and stood in the back door looking at the stars which had started to show up and then she was there, flashing past curving and diving and off again, then she came back, with a friend and it was so great to see them both chasing moths and each other.

But what does it mean for me? Bat Medicine. Bats use sonar to see in the dark, it helps them to really see what is there and what is not there, because eyes, mind and heart can deceive the hell out of us humans. Bat Medicine is different for me to Owl Medicine. This morning I wake up and I do have more clarity within my heart and Kai (soul) and my mind. I can see what is real and what is not. I am not sure of the species of bat has they seem larger than the images of the common pipistrelle, but they were flying and it was dark.

Do not get me wrong, I have never been afraid of the dark, within and outside, but someone or something is telling me that I need to really look at my life, heart, mind and kai, and see what is really there.



Networking with the Gods

I have mine, regardless if some of you think I am wrong, and you have yours, which I fully accept, but most of us pray to Someone/something, this is the basics of what we are now, and have been since we became aware of our place in the cosmos.

In 1986, after I left school, which was a Christian School, I began to question my Faith, something did not quite feel right, something did not add up for me. I drifted in and out of different Faiths and paths, trying many, including the Dark side. Through Norse, with Reverence to Odin, the All Father, where I was being taught by a Runic Warrior. But every time I Called upon Odin for council I got a massive headache, more akin to a migraine behind my Right eye. But after a year or so I was told that it was not the right way for me. In 1994 I had my first Shamanic Vision, within a dream, with the end result being I thought my end was coming, but for obvious reasons it was not my end.  I have been Shaman Based since although the Spirits may change sometimes.

But several nights ago I had cause to call Odin again for council, but how should I proceed? I know him, I have worked with him, but he is not of my Path. Then another e-mail bomb in my mind and I knew what I had to do.

After Hilary had gone to bed, and all was quiet I focused and called upon Fildas, Goddess of Shaman works. I asked Her if Odin would give me council, as I need His advice, and within seconds the massive headache was there, so I knew it was Odin.

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