Syteria Rant-O-Bot Rock and Roll

OK, as the Arrows once sang (and many others have covered) I love Rock and Roll. This should not be in any doubt to anyone who reads my posts, or anyone who knows me at all. But I recently brought an album from a new band from Yorkshire, UK. Syteria, and the album, their first, is Rant-O-Bot. I do not often review albums, but in this case I will.


Right, do you guys want my honest opition of this album? Are you sure, and I mean really, really sure, because most people really do not like it when I give my very honest opition regarding their music. I mean yes please, tell us what you think, and then they all get upset when I tell them what I think is wrong with the Album, and to get to know a band, especally one I have not heard before is a big risk for me, even if someone has released it from a band I know and at least like, so I spend money and I will listern to it over and over again, regardless of how painful to my ears it may be.

Several bands I have fallen foul of are Saxon and Great White and also Bruce Dickinson’s solo and Roger Taylor’s solo projects, so you can see I do take music very seriously. By now you are more than likely saying something along the lines of “Don’t he go on” or “Get on with it”. To give an album due attention I will play it at least 6 times, but usually 12 times before I really decide if I like it or not, Great White I managed 2 times, and Taylor only once.

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Does the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” belong with Rock and Roll History?

Bill Haley & His Comets recorded “Rock Around the Clock”. Although only a minor hit when first released, when used in the opening sequence of the movie Blackboard Jungle a year later, it set the rock and roll boom in motion. The song became one of the biggest hits in history, and frenzied teens flocked to see Haley and the Comets perform it, causing riots in some cities. “Rock Around the Clock” was a breakthrough for both the group and for all of rock and roll music. If everything that came before laid the groundwork, “Rock Around the Clock” introduced the music to a global audience.

This was the first Rock and Roll song, and many have come since, some good, some bad and a lot important and influential to bands who would come later and fans like myself. But in reality where does the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” really fit in? Is it about the fans, the music, the influence, or is it just about the amount of money the companies make? Is it worth anything when pop stars get a place while some of the most influential bands of the 60’s to 80’s are always overlooked.

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How easy would it be to just disappear? As the late great RJ Dio wrote “I disappeared before your eyes You never touch me you never feel me You’ll never see me again
Because I’ve just become unseen
”. But this is how I currently feel anyway. No-one talks to me, following on from my last post Do not get me wrong, I get talked at, quite a bit really, but I can not, really can not remember the last time anyone honestly, truly, meaningfully asked how I was, how I am. It is always her, how is she? Is she alright? Well she is a damn sight better than I am, thank you for asking. Maybe I hide it too well, more than likely no-one cares anyway. Has anyone even read any of my posts on Facebook, the ones written by me, not the ones posted from the news. I am only talked at when I am needed, just like a dog, I am bored, I need this, Can you do that, what does this mean? OK, go away now, well until I need to use you some more anyway.

Nothing bloody changes in my life, same old shit as when I was young, when I would be talked at by my sister when she wanted someone, anyone, to talk at. Ah Dave is there, he will do. Is it really any surprise I have difficulty in talking to people, until I get to know them. Nothing has changed at all over the last 47 years.

I need to cut the ties that bind,

So you can go away
I’m gonna leave here
I can be invisible

And go away again
I can go away
When I leave here
I can be invisible

This is what I will do using bits and pieces from the many Paths I have walked, but it will go out to the Great Spirit, the Universe. Maybe a little ritual, candle magic, Earth magic, a Mantra, which I already have, which I did last night, just another very crappy night, still awake at 03.30 hrs, this is becoming a very bad habit, 5 times over the last 8 days, but of course my Guidance will come from Mother Kaskai, my direct link to the Universe.

I will use it has a Purifying spell/Working, mind, body, and life. And there was me thinking what was Bat Medicine trying to tell me, to see in the dark? No, to see what is really there. What your eyes really see, your mind will understand, see things how they really are. Well I am now, and I must say, I am really pissed now. 47 years of being used and abused and I thought I woke up in 2010, thank you Bat Medicine and Universe for really letting me see what is really there, which is a big pile of stinking nothing, unless I am useful. Buy funny thing is I had a e-bomb in my head a few days ago telling me that the Universe was Right on track, I am where I need to be. I think this was directed to where I am now mentally, rather than location.

But I really am a fool, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. But one really had me fooled that they had changed into a decent person who gave a shit for others, well anyone but me, despite I classed them has Kith and Kin, even though they are not my blood. I will not be fooling for that again, and the Trust and Respect I had for them is now all but gone, and the longer they treat me has something they scraped off their shoe then the less Trust and Respect I will have for them, until it is all gone, and then it is all down hill from there. Will I help them when required, when asked? For the time being I will still be polite, I was brought up that way, but I will have to at least help if needed, until the ties that bind are severed. Otherwise I am just Dishonouring myself.

But I did a reading using my sigils and the reading follows below.

Self Sorrow

Direction Love

Hope Friendship

Fear Sun

Past Noise

Present Change

Future Illness

Help Trust

Hinder Grace

Influence Barren

Environment Master

Outcome Autumn/West

This was a general reading, I was not thinking of any question, because the stones tell me what I need to know, not what I need to hear anyway, but the first three tie in with what is going on at this time, has does several of the others, but a few are still confusing at this time, especially Sun, Master, and the outcome Autumn/West. But with 20/20 vision, maybe these will reveal themselves to me. I could write another song regarding this, but strangely I have already basically written this several times since the late 80’s.

So now I really am ready to “Be Invisible”

Anyway, for those interested, the full Lyrics from Dio’s Invisible, from the Holy Diver album are below.


If your circle stays unbroken
Then you’re a lucky man
‘Cause it never, never, never has for me

In the palace of the virgin
Lies the chalice of the soul
And it’s likely you might find the answer there

She had thirteen years of teenage tears
And never a helping hand
She had fourteen more of rain before
She saw the sight of land
She was a photograph just ripped in half
A smile inside a frown
And then the light, the answer right
Inside her coming down

It said
I can go away
I can leave here
I can be invisible
I go away

He was just eighteen and in-between
A lady and a man
His daddy’s girl in momma’s world
That was when he ran
You know the word confused has been abused
But that’s just what he was
And then the spark inside the dark
The answer came because it said

You can go away
You can leave here
You can be be be … Invisible

Well I grew up quick and I felt the kick
Of life upon a stage
So I bought the book and took a fast look
At just the very last page
It was a single word that I’d just heard
From the two that came before
The only way to really stay
Is to walk right out the door

So you can go away
I’m gonna leave here
I can be invisible

And go away again
I can go away
When I leave here
I can be invisible

I said, when you can go away
Lord you know it’s right to leave here
So I just become invisible
I went away
I disappeared before your eyes
You never touch me you never feel me
You’ll never see me again
Because I’ve just become unseen
Well I’m a photograph that’s been torn in half
We’re all eighteen and we’re in between
We need a helping hand to the holy land
To be invisible
To go away

The best Music in the World – mine

Well I do not mean mine as in the stuff I write, really? Have you heard me sing? Like an out of tune growl from a mad and deaf bear, No, I meant my top 6

My First will always be Miss Micki Michael Steele, Formally of Bangles and Crash Wisdom and Runaways fame. She was the reason I got into any music at all, way back when “Egyptian” was on TOPT on a Thursday. She will always have a special place with me.

The Rest of the 6 are in no order at all but I have to list them somehow so here they are.



Warlock/Doro Pesch

Ronnie James Dio – Early Rainbow, Middle Black Sabbath, and his own band Dio, and Heaven and Hell

Judas Priest


These 6 I love equaly, and enjoy them all the same, but maybe for slightly different reasons.

But this list is only my top 7, the full list is so much longer than this, and may include so you may never have heard of, and some that would surprise you if you look at my picture, long hair, beard, leather jacket.

To finish off my top 10 I would add


Black Crowes

Early Marillion (Fish on Vocals)