Monsanto, glyphosate, and POEA

Well I have been saying it for years, Monsanto can not be trusted, their food and crop is poisoning people, maybe billions of people, depends on how many people use their GM crop and the associated weedkiller, which they (Monsanto) insist on people using with their crop. I asked various Cancer and related organisations with regards to the rise in cancer and apparently there was no link, but this was a few years ago, but the WHO is now saying different. It is about time this poison was pulled from our shops and treated like any other poison, send it back to Monsanto, and then let them get rid of it.

I said it here, and I will say it again now GM is not fit for purpose, not fit to eat, not unless you want to die a slow and painful death due to cancer. Is it a Theory when it is fact? And can it still be classed as a Conspiracy? No and no, it is no longer a Conspiracy Theory when there is now proof.

But saying this Monsanto have said that it is safe to use, that there is science, results which back up the “Fact” that it is safe to use. And yet there is now Science which proves otherwise, and their scientists are not going to turn round and say that it is not fit for purpose, not with their jobs on the line. No gentle reader, Monsanto will have spin and doctored Science to prove that Roundup is safe to use, but 40 years is too late, and over that 40 years an increase in cancer and other diseases and obesity and an increase in GM and Roundup use. Is it any wonder that the EU, for the most part, do not want it here.

Further to this it can (the inert ingredients, which are hidden from the public) cause birth defects as reported here and studies in France, Sweden and investigation in Argentina have all concluded that the inert can and does increase the toxicity of the main Round-UP ingredients, including birth defects, increase risk of cancer and major problems with the Umbilical cord cells which as you may logically guess will cause major problems with getting pregnant. Yes better than the morning after pill just use Round-Up, and a all of the cells in the cord will die. As to what other future problems that will cause to the Woman I know not, as yet, but to be honest here, if it is in your system, then you will have a major problem getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. But I guess that this is one way to cut down the population, especially if so many women who are poor, in poor countries are ingesting the glyphosate along with the inert ingredients due to it being in the food and in the very air they breath and water they drink.

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Coincidence or Conspiracy?

I have learned over 47 years that there is a 90% chance that there is no such thing as Coincidence while every day someone, somewhere conspires something, and while most of these acts are nefarious in nature, some are not. Furthermore sometimes accidents happen, and things evolve, plans as an example. But in Africa something has happened which screams Conspiracy, all in the name of (at the very least) greed, and at worst a Global New World Order type Conspiracy. I am referring to in African invasion of the Fall ArmyWorms, or to give them the correct title the larva (Caterpillar) of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith). This happened about two years ago, but we have only just found out about it, Why?

The First I heard about it was Yesterday (7th May 2018) on MSN, a report by Adrian Blomfield, a reporter from the Telegraph Newspaper. At first I dismissed it as scaremongering, as is often the case with today’s newspapers in the UK, there is always a killer this or a killer that happening in the UK almost every week. But I read it and I was disturbed, to my core, which does not happen very often. But what was reported was not the usual bluster we are use to, and the more I read the more I understood that what was happening, and I was waiting for the punch-line, which I got at the 6th paragraph from the end of the report, and while Adrian, nor anyone in the report said the name I know that one company stands to make a lot of money from this disaster, which could even destroy Europe’s and Asia’s Main crop.

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New World Order and the End of the World as we know it.

It had to happen, it has been heading this way since the ’50’s, and now it is almost here, and there is bugger all we can do about it, except fight against it, but it will be a massive uphill battle (think of Everest uphill), against impossible odds. Some of us know about it, some protest, some give public opinion, some try to change it, these Market Square Heroes. And all of these people have files and targets on them, but they still keep telling the world what is going on, and branded nutjobs who believe in Conspiracy Theories, but is it a Theory when it is real and really happening. It is like a massive world wide jigsaw puzzle and the pieces are really falling into place.

Technology is now to such a point that most of us are now expendable, and surplus to requirements, especially in the US and UK, both of which are reported as saying that they are at full employment (99%+), and there are too few jobs for those who want to work but who do not have a job (like me), regardless of how many interviews they get, jobs applied for, courses done, skills gained, they are still unemployed. The US has a population of 325.7 million as of 2017 and the UK is 65.64 million as of 2016, and in a maximum of 20 years there will be 30% of the US population unemployed and 10 million in the UK. Why? Because of jobs being upgraded to automation, that is why. 10 million people in the UK surplus to requirements, and thus a drain on the national economy and almost (if my Maths is right) 100 million unemployed in the US. What to do with all these people? These drain on the local Governments, and these are just two countries, in the West, what about the rest of the world?

There is a Global population of about 8 billion people, and in 20 years there will be 9 billion people. Now to be fair this planet can not sustain the current population, ideally half that, but the more people there are the more people there will be in 5, 10, 20 years, and soon we will hit 10 billion people. But everything it heading for 20 years time, all figures are heading in that direction, 20 years and then everything will be in place.

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A Loaded Gun?

Funny that such a small thing as not running to the Doctors every time you do not feel 100% can really mess things up, But I do not, and nor has my Wife for the last 20 years or so. Because they can not do anything about it anyway, and half the time they listern and do not add notes regarding the suituation you are currently in, which ends up really screwing things up when you do require additional help.

This all stems from Hull University not letting me do the course this year, and now we have to sign on again, but I look after my Wife, as she needs it, I sort things out, but her not going to the Doctors since they all went digital records means that there is no record of her problems at all, which means getting any money without her having to run all over this city looking for work for 35 hours a week is going to be a major problem, hence the loaded gun.

Thanks Hull University for loading the gun for me.