EU Referendum

Wow a bit of a change for you Dave! talking about politics and all. Yes but only because I just got my polling card through the post.

But I will tell you how it is going to go, the same as every Country which has had a Referendum. Now I am not shy about this, and never have been but I will vote to get out, and this is my choice, but if the vote is in favour to stay in there then that will be the end of it. But if the vote is to get out of the EU then, regardless of who is in power, excuses about negotiations regarding our exit will be given for a few years and then we will have another one, and this will continue  until the Vote to stay in wins, and then no more will be said, no more votes.

But Britain is going to have two state flags to replace the Union Flag.

The Home state flag will be a gold plated iron rod over crouched red figures on a blue background,(to symbolise Wealth over Workers) while the Foreign State flag will be a Red Ragdoll puppet over a yellow Jellyfish (to symbolise Britain’s spinelessness when it comes to Foreign policy) on a blue Background. I have already suggested this to our current Government via the DWP and the Foreign Office, but only because I was blocked from sending it direct to the PM.