apart from me is anyone still on myspace, so much less personal stuff on there, and really unless I wanted to steal your id why would I want to know where you went to school, grew up, work, live, went on holiday, had for lunch (ham sandwich with lettuce… yum), currently walking down the street, OMG I saw a person not on there phone WTF.

Do I care? No, stay on FB and I will stay away from fB thank you very much.

Oh and while we are on the subject You have a social media tag for everything including Google, How about WordPress doing for Myspace… just for me, so all of my 0 followers on myspace know what I am whineing about on here, and vice versa.

Anyway I am here


The best Music in the World – mine

Well I do not mean mine as in the stuff I write, really? Have you heard me sing? Like an out of tune growl from a mad and deaf bear, No, I meant my top 6

My First will always be Miss Micki Michael Steele, Formally of Bangles and Crash Wisdom and Runaways fame. She was the reason I got into any music at all, way back when “Egyptian” was on TOPT on a Thursday. She will always have a special place with me.

The Rest of the 6 are in no order at all but I have to list them somehow so here they are.



Warlock/Doro Pesch

Ronnie James Dio – Early Rainbow, Middle Black Sabbath, and his own band Dio, and Heaven and Hell

Judas Priest


These 6 I love equaly, and enjoy them all the same, but maybe for slightly different reasons.

But this list is only my top 7, the full list is so much longer than this, and may include so you may never have heard of, and some that would surprise you if you look at my picture, long hair, beard, leather jacket.

To finish off my top 10 I would add


Black Crowes

Early Marillion (Fish on Vocals)


A Loaded Gun?

Funny that such a small thing as not running to the Doctors every time you do not feel 100% can really mess things up, But I do not, and nor has my Wife for the last 20 years or so. Because they can not do anything about it anyway, and half the time they listern and do not add notes regarding the suituation you are currently in, which ends up really screwing things up when you do require additional help.

This all stems from Hull University not letting me do the course this year, and now we have to sign on again, but I look after my Wife, as she needs it, I sort things out, but her not going to the Doctors since they all went digital records means that there is no record of her problems at all, which means getting any money without her having to run all over this city looking for work for 35 hours a week is going to be a major problem, hence the loaded gun.

Thanks Hull University for loading the gun for me.