What happened last Sunday during the so called “Chancellor-Duel” between the CDU chancellor and the Social Democratic challenger Schulz makes me speechless. In fact, the Social Democratic candidate just negatively focussed on Turks and Palestinians.

Palestine, doomed for all eternity? Remarks on the German election and Israel

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, English translation by Milena Rampoldi

If Schulz becomes Chancellor (what I do not hope), he will claim for the end of the EU accession talks with Turkey. Didn’t Schulz, who is a former President of the EU parliament, know that these so called accession talks were just a Fata Morgana, just as the so called peace talks between the “Jewish State” and the Palestinians are? So what pushed Schulz to take this hardline demeanor? Does he really aim to get votes from far right and far left this way? Of course, this overconfident, now sober alcoholic and former bookseller from…

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I am not into religion bashing, and I will fight tooth and nail to everyone to believe in what they want to have Faith in. I have shouted at Christians and “Pagans” and Wiccans with regards to this.

But today God has many forms and functions. The Jews have one, Muslims have another and the Christians another, and then there are the different sects and Paths within each of these. But these are the official Faiths of God.

Saturday afternoon 20,000- 40,000 gather in their temples and sacred places to watch heroes play football (soccer to all you Americans) and they sing and pray and ask God to let them win, or to save the shot and then if they win they are joyful and “Thank God we won” or “Thank God he saved that shot” And during the Summer they drift to another sport, or watch Football from another Country and do much the same.

Friday Night and Saturday Night the Faithful gather around their TV’s and via Facebook pray that their favourite will go through and thank God when they do or OMG how did they get through?

Both of these are the new breed of Faith, but geared still towards God, and within the Markets, where millions of pounds are traded, lost and gained, God is there, with whispered prayers that they made the right deal.

But what is my point? Why this post?

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apart from me is anyone still on myspace, so much less personal stuff on there, and really unless I wanted to steal your id why would I want to know where you went to school, grew up, work, live, went on holiday, had for lunch (ham sandwich with lettuce… yum), currently walking down the street, OMG I saw a person not on there phone WTF.

Do I care? No, stay on FB and I will stay away from fB thank you very much.

Oh and while we are on the subject You have a social media tag for everything including Google, How about WordPress doing for Myspace… just for me, so all of my 0 followers on myspace know what I am whineing about on here, and vice versa.

Anyway I am here


A Loaded Gun?

Funny that such a small thing as not running to the Doctors every time you do not feel 100% can really mess things up, But I do not, and nor has my Wife for the last 20 years or so. Because they can not do anything about it anyway, and half the time they listern and do not add notes regarding the suituation you are currently in, which ends up really screwing things up when you do require additional help.

This all stems from Hull University not letting me do the course this year, and now we have to sign on again, but I look after my Wife, as she needs it, I sort things out, but her not going to the Doctors since they all went digital records means that there is no record of her problems at all, which means getting any money without her having to run all over this city looking for work for 35 hours a week is going to be a major problem, hence the loaded gun.

Thanks Hull University for loading the gun for me.