OK so we are trying this again, different this time, it got too personal last time and I left out most of me, so here I go, again, sounds like a song there.

This is about me and what is important to me, My Faith, which is Native Irish – Shaman Based, tell you about it sometime, My music, The words I write and the stuff I listen to, from mid 60’s to late 80’s, for the most part, Rock and Roll, again I will tell you about it sometime. And I will be writing about History and Archaeology in Western Europe before 3,000 BCE.

Before I go any further BCE is not the same as BC. BC means Before Christ, while BCE means Before Current Epoch, which is standised for now anyway as 1950, and I have come across several websites which have just added the e and think that they have it right, which meant that the Celts turned up about 100 years ago, sorry more like 3,000 years ago.

I was meant to be doing Archaeology and Enviornments at Hull University this year, but due to a major fuck up which was not my doing they stopped me from doing it this year and now Hull University are no longer doing this course, so I have to do History and Archaeology instead. I love history, do not get me wrong, but 1950’s America nor the Tudors will help me in any way in getting my book written, unless I write a book about 1950’s America, sorry but that would be boring as hell to me, plus there is loads of books about it anyway, but how many books about The First people to set foot in Western Europe, 50,000 BCE, give or take a few years.

Granted Neanderthal were here before us,beating us by thousands of years, and we lived side by side (but not always happy about it) until they died out, around about 28,000 years ago, again all long dates are really basic and give or take a few years (or a few hundred), but that is the way it is. I have been researching, and sometimes hitting my head against a spiked wall, which is why I went to University at 44 (now 46, you work it out), but finding facts and not made up BS online or in books is hard work, which is whyone has to really research. Or I could write a bunch of childrens tales about what is life then and claim that I have a secret 5th Century source, like some have, yet he got his books published, and they are now treated as fact, which makes my job a lot harder.

Anyway here we are on the South Coast of Spain, Africa just a few miles away, about 50,000 years ago. This is where my Faith begains, as well as my book, and possibly my life as well, in the metaphysical sort of way, When Homo Sapiens Sapiens (us) meets Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis (99.5% like us).

But that is enough for now, as it is 0230 in the morning.


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