Coincidence or Conspiracy?

I have learned over 47 years that there is a 90% chance that there is no such thing as Coincidence while every day someone, somewhere conspires something, and while most of these acts are nefarious in nature, some are not. Furthermore sometimes accidents happen, and things evolve, plans as an example. But in Africa something has happened which screams Conspiracy, all in the name of (at the very least) greed, and at worst a Global New World Order type Conspiracy. I am referring to in African invasion of the Fall ArmyWorms, or to give them the correct title the larva (Caterpillar) of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith). This happened about two years ago, but we have only just found out about it, Why?

The First I heard about it was Yesterday (7th May 2018) on MSN, a report by Adrian Blomfield, a reporter from the Telegraph Newspaper. At first I dismissed it as scaremongering, as is often the case with today’s newspapers in the UK, there is always a killer this or a killer that happening in the UK almost every week. But I read it and I was disturbed, to my core, which does not happen very often. But what was reported was not the usual bluster we are use to, and the more I read the more I understood that what was happening, and I was waiting for the punch-line, which I got at the 6th paragraph from the end of the report, and while Adrian, nor anyone in the report said the name I know that one company stands to make a lot of money from this disaster, which could even destroy Europe’s and Asia’s Main crop.

One of the main crops being eaten is Maize (Corn), but only non GM crop. The GM crop is, by all accounts, unpalatable by the Caterpillar. The main crops are reported to be “a very large host range but it obviously prefers grasses. Among the crops attacked are small grains, soybean, sugarcane and bermudagrass, but it is also frequently found on tomato, alfalfa, peanuts, spinach, clover and many others.”

While reports that they “most frequently consumed plants are field corn and sweet corn, sorghum, Bermudagrass, and grass weeds such as crabgrass, Digitaria spp. When the larvae are very numerous they defoliate the preferred plants, acquire an “armyworm” habit and disperse in large numbers, consuming nearly all vegetation in their path. Many host records reflect such periods of abundance, and are not truly indicative of oviposition and feeding behavior under normal conditions. Field crops are frequently injured, including alfalfa, barley, Bermudagrass, buckwheat, cotton, clover, corn, oat, millet, peanut, rice, ryegrass, sorghum, sugarbeet, Sudangrass, soybean, sugarcane, timothy, tobacco, and wheat. Among vegetable crops, only sweet corn is regularly damaged, but others are attacked occasionally. Other crops sometimes injured are apple, grape, orange, papaya, peach, strawberry and a number of flowers.” But according to Adrian GM crops are immune.

There is an investigation on when they arrived in Africa, and how, more than likely someone from the Americas, where they are resident and native, brought over several Moths or actual caterpillars and planted them in the right position to start the carnage. And as most of Africa, under pressure from Europe has no GM crops, except maybe South Africa, there is an all they can eat buffet of crop, which will make the Ethiopian famine in the 1980’s look like child’s play with over 80% of Africa affected by this invasion. And just imagine if they make it to India? And destroy the rice, or China, and all points in-between, what would the loss of life be when all their main crop is destroyed. But what good would this investigation do? It is already done, and how will they find the one person from America out of maybe 1 million visitors to Africa two years ago. If they can find ground zero then maybe, and if they find out the exact time, then they have a shot at finding out who, but it would be hard to actually convict anyone, let alone a company which stands to make a fortune in selling resistant GM seeds of most (apart from wheat) of the plants affected. Especially with the army of lawyers which they have on retainer. It will be very hard to prove that only one company will be in a major position to really profit from this disaster, and then the world will have to either starve or change the local laws and grow GM crops, as Spain already does.

There is one solution, which will cost a bit in both time and money, but for the most part it will be ecologically sound, for the most part. That would be to plant hedges and trees near the fields and then import some very hungry Raptor flocks from Europe, say maybe 50+ in size, easy in any main city in Europe. I am referring to the European Starling, and anyone who has ever watched a flock of these birds on the ground will be in no doubt that not many of the caterpillars will make it to adulthood. They will just need a place to roost and nest, and year on year they will get more and eat more of them. The only downside is that they are really not picky with regards to what they eat, so other species of Moth and Butterfly will also suffer should they cross the birds path. But according to The Guardian Newspaper dated 16th May 2017, written by Richard Poplak in Johannesburg there is a battle going on, a very expensive battle, which does not seem to have the desired effect of killing them. They seem to have a natural virus which, when they are transported they die from this virus, but this begs the question, how did they arrive in Africa. Furthermore Richard reports that January 2016 they arrive in Nigeria, and by February 2017 they had arrived in South Africa. So any investigation really needs to focus on the start of the breeding cycle upto two months before the first reported case, as they would need time to breed and or hatch prior to January 2016.

It still screams Conspiracy that GM Crops from Bayer/Monsanto are all that stand between starvation and these caterpillars. And once the world has to eat GM crop or starve, what then? Have these little monster nashers evolved? And what if they evolve again and get a taste for the GM crops the world will have to plant if we want to eat?


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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