New World Order and the End of the World as we know it.

It had to happen, it has been heading this way since the ’50’s, and now it is almost here, and there is bugger all we can do about it, except fight against it, but it will be a massive uphill battle (think of Everest uphill), against impossible odds. Some of us know about it, some protest, some give public opinion, some try to change it, these Market Square Heroes. And all of these people have files and targets on them, but they still keep telling the world what is going on, and branded nutjobs who believe in Conspiracy Theories, but is it a Theory when it is real and really happening. It is like a massive world wide jigsaw puzzle and the pieces are really falling into place.

Technology is now to such a point that most of us are now expendable, and surplus to requirements, especially in the US and UK, both of which are reported as saying that they are at full employment (99%+), and there are too few jobs for those who want to work but who do not have a job (like me), regardless of how many interviews they get, jobs applied for, courses done, skills gained, they are still unemployed. The US has a population of 325.7 million as of 2017 and the UK is 65.64 million as of 2016, and in a maximum of 20 years there will be 30% of the US population unemployed and 10 million in the UK. Why? Because of jobs being upgraded to automation, that is why. 10 million people in the UK surplus to requirements, and thus a drain on the national economy and almost (if my Maths is right) 100 million unemployed in the US. What to do with all these people? These drain on the local Governments, and these are just two countries, in the West, what about the rest of the world?

There is a Global population of about 8 billion people, and in 20 years there will be 9 billion people. Now to be fair this planet can not sustain the current population, ideally half that, but the more people there are the more people there will be in 5, 10, 20 years, and soon we will hit 10 billion people. But everything it heading for 20 years time, all figures are heading in that direction, 20 years and then everything will be in place.

Over the next 2 years (outside bet) but more than likely within the next year there will be another global recession, maybe as bad as the 2008 recession, Governments and key figures within the Finance sector are saying this. This will then mean more public money going where it is not needed, straight into the Banks and Financial sectors, and away from public sectors. The NHS will be sold off, as it is already beyond critical condition (if it was a person they will be talking about switching off life support, that is how bad the NHS is now) and with the privatising of the NHS, which started in 2007, when serious talks started, which is when I started shouting about it, and I got those looks as if to say nutjob, but 5 years later more and more staff realised that this was happening, and they started shouting. The more Acute (hospital) Trust are over stretched, the more they fail, then private investors are brought in to run them. It has only taken 10 years of chronic cuts to bring the NHS to its knees, it will not last another 10, but it is not meant to. The poor can not afford medical treatment, so they die, while the rich get all the help they may need. Cut to benefits will exasperate the problem, and those on low wages and benefits will not be able to eat properly, and thus this will cause more problems for them, and when many jobs are made automatic that will be more unemployed as noted above. But the UK Government is already in the process of Genocide of the poor, with 100% sanctions to benefits for 4 weeks to start, which means 28 days without food, electric, gas. So they have to go to the local Council to beg for food from food banks, but there is insufficient supplies to feed all of the people who require help. I had to go without food for 1 week due to the DWP, and that was just 1 week, but it is a way for the Government to quietly get rid of the poor and sick, due to starvation, suicide (more than a few have taken their own lives) or poor health (insulin requires cold storage, no electric means no working fridge = death). And yet no one says a word about it, except a few. The bedroom tax is another way to try to starve us out, or make us homeless, and add poor health and no where to go due to hostels being full, it is out on the streets you go = death. And still no one says a word. Except me, I have shouted at the home office, DWP and others due to these policies, but get nowhere fast, except a file and a target. But this is just one small piece of the puzzle, same as the automation, but it is all tied together with pretty silk ribbons so it does not look threatening at all.

In the 1980’s and ’90’s both Thatcher and Blair pulled the teeth from the Unions in the UK, and then the claws, making it all but illegal to protest, but we still do, but at risk of arrest, and with more and more “National Security” amendments with face recognition, even on social media such as Facebook, which scans every picture and catalogues every face, which is then used by MI5/6 FBI, CIA, and NSA, so they know what you are doing and when and with who, even e-mails are looked at. Store Cards are also looked at, so they know what you buy and when so they can offer you “The best deals”. Even who you vote for is looked at in detail, even now via facebook, and Google is keystroked to the FBI and MI5. Every move you make it noticed, all in the name of National Security. But the main thing which both Thatcher and Blair pushed through was changing Community to self, which has led to the creation of the Sheeple, wholesale. Who is with who, doing what, and where. With the Press force-feeding us all the latest must know “Goss on the Celebrities” and for the most part we are lapping it up and retweeting and reposting to all of our friends all this pointless information. The main point is to keep the masses occupied with all of this pointless drivel so they, the Sheeple, do not notice what is really happening, until their current favourite says something, then the press is on hand to ridicule them and they lose fans, so most of the A, B, and Z list Celebrities keep quiet, while rights are stripped away, and the Governments and press take great pains to hide it in plain sight but away from mainstream eyes. Not affecting me, why do I care? Until it does, but then it is way too late.

But what really brought everything into razor sharp, crystal clear focus is what the IMF and World Bank are currently doing, this is the final piece of the Global Jigsaw Puzzle I have been waiting for, something to point everything in the same direction. The IMF are trying to force Third World Governments and Companies to strip away Workers Rights, so then the workers either have to work 60 hours a week for £50 or lose their job, has anyone seen Death Race with Statham? Watch the start, it is clearly told conditions and wages, and also watch Elysium with Damon. What we are heading to now. But how does scrapping Third World workers rights affect me? Our Unions have already been beaten down, so if it works the Africa, it will work with the G20 countries. The G20 is the Government offshoot from the Bilderberg Group. It is this group which tells the Press, Media, and Financial Sectors, as well as Governments which direction to go in, and in the UK alone, we have been going this way, all leading to where we are now, and where we will be in 20 years. The Bilderberg Group wants a Global Human population of 500 Million, that is 1/16 of the population we have now. Do you really think that you and yours are in this number? I know full well that no-one I know will be in this group. Just imagine a pandemic, like the Black Death, but only a select few (500 Million) will be “immune” to this Pandemic, but with the slow Genocide of the Poor, Sick, Disabled (unless they have Family in a position of Power) killed off by cuts to health care, Benefits, leading to homelessness and starvation.

These, alone, by themselves, are bad enough, but if you look at the whole picture, even with the GM food being forced down the throats of the poor in Third World countries, and also in countries such as US and Spain, while the Rich can afford food which is helpful in fighting any infection which may suddenly appear on a Global stage. It should paint one Hell of a Picture, how we are being led, by the nose, willingly to our own demise, and for the most part we can not see it happening, because of the Press telling us everything we need to know. But nothing that we should know, until some nutjob writes it all down on their blog, then the Press and Governments will try to ridicule and Discredit them, and if it gets bad enough the writer may, in a fit of depression, or complication with their medication, die, or “Run Off” while the Police will sort of Investigate but find no leads, and the writer’s blog is shut down and wiped, and another major Celebrity Scandal and very quickly the writer is totally forgotten by the world at large.

But you who have read this, understand and accept this, you will remember, you have no excuse, you Know what is going to happen, in 20 years time. And you, gentle reader, will need to protect you and yours, and try and inform those closest to you, and pass on the torch, lead the Sheeple away from this Path we are all on.

But Dave, How will they do it? We will know. That is the easy part, really easy, for them. Ever hear of the Company called Monsanto? 95% of all corn in the US is made, yes made by them. But corn is not the only thing they make, quite a bit of crop seed in the US is GM, apart from wheat, even Cattle feed is being made by them, and not just in the US. Spain is also a big Monsanto seed grower, as well as loads of third world countries. They can make seeds contain anything they want, anything. They have already changed Agender 21 once that I know of, and I have been looking, most of you will not have been looking. Just imagine a virus added to all seeds, lets call it Alpha seeds, and the Virus cure is in Beta Seeds, now you would not know until it was too late which seeds you were eating, while those who control will be getting Beta seeds as standard, until they are of no more use, or go against the Group, then they will also be given the Alpha seeds. Told you it was easy, way too easy. Even if you grow your own food you will not be getting the Beta seeds, so unless you are naturally immune, which let us face facts, 99% of the population will not be, the contagion will still get you. Why do you think that ALL major Universities play with and have storage of some very nasty viruses, to develop a cure? Haha, wrong, we have the cure, no need to develop a cure if we have it, it is to play and weaponise it, make a variant which is worse, or mix two together. It is way too easy to wipe out 90% of the Human population without screwing up the planet.

One final point to make is it a Conspiracy Theory when it is really happening? Or is it just a Conspiracy

Freedom and Peace



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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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