Syteria Rant-O-Bot Rock and Roll

OK, as the Arrows once sang (and many others have covered) I love Rock and Roll. This should not be in any doubt to anyone who reads my posts, or anyone who knows me at all. But I recently brought an album from a new band from Yorkshire, UK. Syteria, and the album, their first, is Rant-O-Bot. I do not often review albums, but in this case I will.


Right, do you guys want my honest opition of this album? Are you sure, and I mean really, really sure, because most people really do not like it when I give my very honest opition regarding their music. I mean yes please, tell us what you think, and then they all get upset when I tell them what I think is wrong with the Album, and to get to know a band, especally one I have not heard before is a big risk for me, even if someone has released it from a band I know and at least like, so I spend money and I will listern to it over and over again, regardless of how painful to my ears it may be.

Several bands I have fallen foul of are Saxon and Great White and also Bruce Dickinson’s solo and Roger Taylor’s solo projects, so you can see I do take music very seriously. By now you are more than likely saying something along the lines of “Don’t he go on” or “Get on with it”. To give an album due attention I will play it at least 6 times, but usually 12 times before I really decide if I like it or not, Great White I managed 2 times, and Taylor only once.

OK, I have baited you enough, so here goes

On first listening it reminded me a little of The Clash, Combat Rock, which I had until it went walk-a-bout about 20 years ago, just the feel of the music, and for me this is a great start. There are a few songs which, for me really stick out, Revolution, I was smiling until the end, when I laughed at the Drum Machine gun, taking out all those who the rant was putting up against the wall. Pure class. Sheeple also really hit my mindset, as is how I view most people, and this I think tied in with New World Order. Loner also hit the mark for me, well and truely. If, well what to say, nothing to say apart from If only, hell yes I would, back 25 years at least.

The Vocals are very much not what I was expecting, looking at the pictures, the slight gruffness really carries the songs through, but never judge the book by the cover. The Drum and Bass kept the foot tapping all the way through the album, every song. The Guitar, of which I am bias towards, was great, but if I had any complaints it would have to be that the solo’s were not long enough (I love solo’s) but hard hitting regardless of the length. But take into account that there is only one Guitarist, so I can not have 1 minute solo’s, bugger off Dave.

All in all, I really am glad I have got this album, and I will be buying your second album, etc. without a doubt. Trust me if I did not like it, I would tell you, but I do love Rant-O-Bot, and the name really suits the songs. Thank you for the first class album now added to my collection along side Girlschool, Motorhead Dio and Priest.


Now as I said they are a new band, and if you are into Rock and Roll then you really need to check them out, and if you just like music then still check them out, here is a link to their site

Facebook –

Their Blog (not on WordPress, I know, shocking) –

And if you want to see and watch them they are on Youtube here –

Listen to the songs, but please do not steal them, if you like then buy the album. It is just not fair on the band if you steal their music.


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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