3am. Monday Morning


Granted this was written a few weeks ago, and the picture was taken at the same time of me writing it, but nothing has changed, and just the last one I have written, until the next one.

Gods damn it, 3am on another bloody Monday,

Body is alive, mind is awake

All together screaming Rack and Ruin

Permanent damage no help coming

inside or outside, ’tis all but the same

Another cigarette, another cup of tea

washing down another fist full of pills

One may ask, but never wait

why the hell I am awake

Should I try, why even bother

a few hours sleep to ease my brain

1 in 100 I will sleep through

pain racked rest the best I can do

Fresh sheets and relaxing bath

really does not matter at all

Ridicule or unconcerned

is the lesson I have learned.


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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