Native European Women

Women have always had an important place in Native Culture, as well as the Celts and the Baskunes, More so when to look at the woman’s place within the other main Cultures, like the Greek and Romans, whose women were second class citizens. Not much different from the Saxon view. Women could also own land, slaves, and other property, and were given important jobs and status within the tribe, and it has been documented that Woman were in the front line in battles, that they were also warrior trainers, and several high profile and important Heroes from Irish myth were sent to Warrior Woman for their warrior training. In fact it is believed that most young men were sent to these woman to learn the art of fighting, add to this the Imazighen (Berber) women enjoy more freedom than that common among Arab women. They are not veiled, they can chose to divorce and they retain their dowry. This is because they like our ancestors were here before the migration of the tribes out of the Middle-East.

Women were doctors, judges, Rulers, blacksmiths, priests, In fact any job a man could do, so could a woman, and both were given equal status. This is most keenly noted in the Temple of Brid, where no man is ever allowed to set foot, (see more on Brid later), and when She was Christianised to Saint Bridget, her temple was converted to a Convent. And when the local male Bishop demanded entrance to check if things were being done correctly to the Irish Church’s way of thinking, he was refused entrance by the Mother Superior, and told to appoint a female Bishop to do the check. This led to Bridget being de-canonised, losing her Sainthood, on the grounds that She had not in fact performed any miracles. While Saint Patrick performed the Miracle of ridding Ireland of snakes!

In pre-Christian Ireland, as in the other “Celtic” lands, everyone had a family name. There were no “Bastard sons” and I will tell you why. We took the family name from our Mother, rather than the Christian idea of Father, and everyone knew who their Mother was, even if they never knew their Father. This Fact proves once again that women held a higher place in Native,Baskunes  and “Celtic” society than almost any other race or creed. The Romans and Greeks treated their women as second-class citizens, and I will not even go into the Saxon View. That is just one of the major differences that the Christian Religion gave to the Native peoples of these Islands and Western Europe as a whole. Why do you think that it is “Mother Earth” and not Father Earth? Mother is the Creator of life, Mother is the one who will bear the next generation of the tribe, and thus guarantee the continuation of the Tribe.

Going back to the Mesolithic when our people first settled onto these Islands after the last Ice-age there would have been small family groups, tied by marriage and bonds of kinship. These clans would have had maybe 20 people within each unit within each clan, this is guess by how many people an area of land could support. If each family had two adults and two children, with four families within the clan and a few more other adults. Once the children were of an age they would more than likely have been taught by the adults of the clan in the various tasks which needed doing, hunting, knapping, fishing etc. and if a child showed promise in one area then when they were adult they would have gone onto that task to assist the clan, regardless of the sex of the child. But saying this, if there are more men then women within the clan, and more boys than girls, then knowing that the females are the propagators of the continuation of the clan, then would they have risked the females, regardless of their personal skill in hunting the wild boar within the woods. If each woman needed to have two children to keep the status-quo in terms of the population, would it have been logical for any female to go charging off to hunt down a boar or wolf, until she had at least helped in maintaining the balance of the population of the clan. Breeding starts at about 13 years of age, and if they die of natural causes at 30 years of age then this will leave 17 years to have 3 children, and 9 months to carry to total maybe two years to carry, wean, walk, then this will be over 6-7 years, if they are lucky and have one straight after the last. This will leave maybe 10 or 11 years to chase around the forest after the wild boars, while knowing that the future of the tribe is secure and future generations will continue. Some people today may have a problem with the view of treating the female of the species as just breeders, and that is fine, but stop thinking that our ancestors and the human race has 7 billion population and that it does not matter if one does not want to give birth. With a population of 20, even if there is one female to one male, each female will need to give birth to two children, ideally one of each, just to maintain the population of the clan, otherwise there will be a negative population growth and eventually the tribe will become extinct, just like our cousins, the Neanderthals, did. Yes the female will hunt, if she is adept at it, or she may fish, use flint, repair tools and weapons, or make new ones, make clothing, harvest crops, or whatever else needs doing, but the continuation of the tribe will need to be thought of first, or what is the point of doing anything if we are the last of the group and most of the women have been killed while hunting. Stop thinking in the 2010’s or even the 1950’s, depending on your view point, neither will fit within the framework of 8,000 years ago, so stop trying. Tribe first, personal wants second, this is all that matters. The female is important, one female and 5 male will not work, 5 females and 1 male will not really work either, due to inbreeding, but it will work better than 5 men and 1 woman. Even with a population of 1 to 1, with enough children to carry the tribe into the future, a female hunter becomes pregnant will she continue to hunt, or would she look after herself, and the tribe looking after her as well? I feel that the entire tribe will try to ensure the survival of mother and child for the next 2-3 years, and then the huntress will carry on doing what she is good at, hunting. This will help the clan to grow, otherwise the human race will still be in the thousands, rather than the billions as it is now.

This is a direct line from South to North, dating back at least 50,000 years ago, and ending in part about 1,500 years ago, when Christianity reached and spread across these little Islands on the edge of Europe.


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