I am not into religion bashing, and I will fight tooth and nail to everyone to believe in what they want to have Faith in. I have shouted at Christians and “Pagans” and Wiccans with regards to this.

But today God has many forms and functions. The Jews have one, Muslims have another and the Christians another, and then there are the different sects and Paths within each of these. But these are the official Faiths of God.

Saturday afternoon 20,000- 40,000 gather in their temples and sacred places to watch heroes play football (soccer to all you Americans) and they sing and pray and ask God to let them win, or to save the shot and then if they win they are joyful and “Thank God we won” or “Thank God he saved that shot” And during the Summer they drift to another sport, or watch Football from another Country and do much the same.

Friday Night and Saturday Night the Faithful gather around their TV’s and via Facebook pray that their favourite will go through and thank God when they do or OMG how did they get through?

Both of these are the new breed of Faith, but geared still towards God, and within the Markets, where millions of pounds are traded, lost and gained, God is there, with whispered prayers that they made the right deal.

But what is my point? Why this post?

I have been having visits from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and while you may shudder and ask Why talk to them I love to understand Religion, Anyone’s Faith, that is just the way I am, but they gave me a book “What Does the Bible Really Teach” and being part Cat I was Curious and read it from cover to cover, but sadly they have not returned for months, so I have not been able to Question them regarding several ideas they have, and give the book back to them.

God is God, No, God is not God, according to them anyway, and while some of the things I fully agree with such as domestic violence, there were many things which I personally found abhorrent. One such statement is that every persons Religion and Faith and Path is wrong, even the Ancestor Worship of the Far East, which has been going on longer than the Jewish Faith has, which is the oldest of the God Faiths. Mine, Shamanism is just plain wrong, because God gave man Domain over Nature, sure you stand and stop a Bison or Rhino in charge mode, that I would like to see, or you stop a twister from tearing through your neighbourhood. Even the other God Paths are wrong, because they do not worship as we do, they are not as faithful as we are (hence the first bit of this blog). One of the other things was that Man is the Ruler of the House, and the Wife must obey him, and the children must obey the parents. First Man is the ruler of nothing, without Woman there would be no Family, and Man is more likely to stray and run off with the 18 year old blond down the road. But according to them neither must stray and the marriage must stay but I know an Elder of the JW Faith who did not stay with his Wife and 5 kids, and went off with someone from the Church. And somehow stayed as an Eldar Hi Tim, how is it going? But the Wife stayed and the Kids went but I think that none of the 6 of them belong to the Faith now, but many are.

But how wrong can you be, yes take your Divine and Faith seriously, and true, but to announce that 90% of the Human Race will “Go To Hell” or cease to exist. Please Get real.

What a person really believes in at the point of Death is what will happen, and if you read one of my other posts you will know what that will be for me. I am sorry but Faith bashing aside, that is just such a wrong idea to publish in a book, so God will get rid of the 5 or so Billion people who believe in him just on the say so of a small group of people with a very, very narrow view of the origin of their own Religion.

Granted I have been told more than once that I am Going to Hell when I die, but the question is “Who is in charge of the big Gates on Heavens Doorstep?” and it is not the one telling you that you will Go to Hell because you are “Pagan” that is for sure.


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

2 thoughts on “God”

  1. Interesting thoughts! Love the idea that this new religion of the Western society is Sports. Definitely something I struggle with!

    I have a question though, and I hope to pose it to you in a non-intrusive way. I don’t claim to have everything worked out, trust me I don’t. But you mention that ‘what a person believes in at the point of death is what will happen…’. This implies that all religions are true – but this logically cannot be the case. Major contradictions cannot co-exist. For example, Christians believe the trinity – God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit created everything in existence. Ancient Egyptian religion has up to 114 gods, all part of the creation of the world. Islam claims Allah created everything. These all cannot be true! There may be truth in some of the teachings of each religion, but contradictions on core issues cannot co-exist.

    Thanks again for sharing your post! Hope what I said makes sense. God Bless.

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  2. But why can they not be True? Granted if you Follow the JW Path then all others will not be true, but for you and you alone Your Faith, what you truly Believe in is True, and the Right Faith, thus you will Go beyond Life where you are meant to Go, Heaven, Hell, Valhalla, The Otherworld. One person can only truly have total Belief in One Faith/Path, and that may change over time, as it did for me over the 46 years I have been here so far. You will go where you are meant to go, I will go where I am meant to go. All Faiths exist because at least one person has that Faith, thus All of the Divine exist because of the Faith. Read Small Gods by Terry Pratchette, it will give you a giggle, but it may help you understand.

    And one final point God and Allah are the same, just worshipped differently, Both Faiths were born out of the Jewish Faith, but I am not sure which came first, Christian 2016 years ago (ish) but the Muslim Faith, I am unsure of the start date, but it was based on the Jewish One True God.


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