Next life, or last life?

Ok so I am writing again, from a flash of a thought, like an e-mail going off in my mind, so we know where this came from, but here goes.

I die, everything dies, hell even the Universe will die at some point, nothing lasts forever, but that is the point of life, of being, that is the whole reason, well in my book anyway. But what happens when I die? That is the question.

Option 1 My Queen decides that I have learned my Life Lesson and allows me onwards to the Otherworld, until the end of Time, thus this may be what most will think I mean by Last Life in the title.

Option 2 My Queen decides that I have not learned my Life Lesson and sends me back to the Underworld where I will be “reprocessed” and sent back here. Now I know these are Facts as far as I am concerned, but this is what I mean by the title. Where will I end up?

Time is a Human Concept, being into Archaeology and History I understand this concept well, but on the Otherside of Life, does time exist? Past, Present, Future, or just Now (everywhen). Could this be why we see Ghosts, flashes from another Time, granted always in older fashions and never in Future Fashions, but When would I come back, and has the year 30,000 A.D. already happened, but it is just that we, with our concept of time, can not comprehend such ideas.

Would I come back A.D.25,000 or could I be sent back 25,000 years ago, but it may well always be my first time, unless I am geared towards a specific time-line. The lesson is, as far as this idea goes anyway, immaterial, what matters is the If/When concept.


You know, thinking out side of the box with Otter can lead to a massive headache if you are not careful, but if I do get the choice, then the Roman Invasion of Britain in 43 A.d.  and take back a rocket launcher with enough rounds to sink the fleet, and 2,000 round of ammo and a modern Assault Rifle, in case any survive the Rockets. Would I learn my lesson then? No but it would be fun and at least my Ancestors Histories and Faith would be intact. You know, without the slavery, rape, murder, extortion, pillaging, and all the other great things the Romans gave the World.


But on a more serious note, apart from the headache, why give me the flash like that, knowing how my mind works with some images and suggestions, oh and this was not from my Queen either, I am unsure as to who sent it, but it was quick, sudden and soft, But I do not think it was Mother. But they have helped me so much in recent times, and weeks, just when I need help, just enough to help, but I am always indebted to all of them, Divine and Spirits Both.


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

3 thoughts on “Next life, or last life?”

  1. Fascinating topic, and I’ve wondered about time. Maybe it’s a spiral and if we reincarnate, we can move between parellel time frames, as well as the past and future.

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