Native Irish – Shaman Based, My Faith

Ok so I have written elsewhere on this subject, what is Native Irish – Shaman Based? But it changes slightly as I learn about myself and the Gods.

I pray to the Old Pre-Christian Gods (see Gods/Goddesses) of Ireland, with particular reverence to Ulster rather than the other 3 Provinces in Erin, simply because my bloodline is from Ulster on my Mothers side, Father unknown, so I do not count that line. Along with them I also give regards to the Great Spirits, mainly from my people, but also one from the Americas, I know why, but She chose me a long time ago.

The Divine
Danu/Anu/Tailtu Great Spirit Mother Creator, Mother Earth.
Morrigan Divine Great Fairy (Fae) Queen of Ulster. She who will judge me when I die, My Queen.
Brid/Bridget/Bride Goddess of the Land, Crafts, Fertility (of mind and body), Music.
Mananas God of the Sea, God of the Shamanic Journey, He who will take me the the Otherworld or the Underworld.
Labraid God of the Underworld, He who will decide my return, and as what, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, and the lesson I must learn this time.
Fildas Goddess of the Wild places, Wild Animals, Goddess of Shape- shifting, Guide on the Journey of the Shaman.
Suz A Goddess of my own device, created by Brid, Morrigan and Danu who created a storm which fused the music Brid was playing, and charged it with electric, My Goddess of Rock music and song-writing. Always helpful when I call upon her when I am had pushed to finish a song or get the words right.

Great Spirits
Kaskai Mother Cougar She chose me a long time ago. Spirit Guide for me, giving me direction, also according to some Traditions, She is the messenger from the Gods and Spirits to the people. Why Mother, because She has looked after me all my life, guided me down this road, and not that one, sometimes I have not heeded Her wisdom and ended up up shit creek without a boat. I am still a cub in Her eyes. Also She is the only Great Spirit who has a name and I know which sex, thus Mother.
Great Spirit Bear I usually call on Bear when I am healing others, giver of Strength to carry on.
Great Spirit Buffalo Not the Bison of America, But the European Buffalo. Another one to whom I call to when healing others, Giver of Stamina.
Great Spirit Owl A Tawny Owl to whom I call to when I need focus and clear thinking.
Great Spirit Mouse When I need stealth and secrecy Mouse shows up to give advice and guidance.
Great Spirit Otter Otter was with me a long time ago, but disappeared, only to pop back into my life over the last few years. Giver of the tools to think outside the box, ingenious in problem solving. But although I have not felt Otter’s Presence over the years, His lessons have stayed with me, thinking outside of the box is a matter of fact for me, for the most part.
Crow Crow is different, A reminder and a messenger of Queen Morrigan, Where there is Morrigan, there is Crow. Crows have been used in many cultures as messengers for one of the Divine or another.
Magpie Magpie is like Crow, But for Mother Danu, Technically not a Great Spirit, as I use them, but as a focus point.

These are the only ones I currently use, but as my Medicine Wheel changes, wheels within wheels, cycles within cycles so other Great Spirit Animals may come to help me as I need it in this my Path of Life.

This is as close as I can work out what my pre-Christian Ancestors prayed to and believed in. Based on the Basques in France and Spain and looking closely at the Shamanic Traditions from around the World, but I also added The Gods as a standard, because I know they are there, I have felt them, for example Queen Morrigan wares big boots and stomps and shouts when I need to heed Her, like Crow is loud. As for the Shape-shifting? All of the Divine can do that, they are Gods after all. Mother Danu is soft, comforting, consoling, full of wisdom, just like a Mother should be, gentle and softly spoken but has wise as the Universe. She rarely talks to me, but I feel her presence everywhere, especially when I need it.


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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