Native Irish

Do not get the title wrong, I am NOT a nationalist by any stretch of the imagination. This is about the people who turned up in Ireland, in the Dungarven area, about 9,000 years ago. Who were they, where did they come from, what did they do, where did they go. Most if not all of these questions I will answer at some point, I am writing a book about the “First” or Native West Europeans, From Spain to Switzerland to Ireland to Scandinavia.

We are talking about, well at least 50,000 years ago, when we crossed across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain. This or we could have walked about 28,000 miles all around the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. The Modern Irish, Welsh and Scots are from the Iberian/Baskunes areas of Spain/France. It was here on the Northern coast of Spain, around the Cantabria Mountains where we first really settled back in the mists of history, about 30,000 years ago. Back then we were nothing more than a tribe of Nomadic Hunters, living next door to Humans First Cousins, the Neanderthals from the El Sidron area of Northern Spain. These cousins died out about 28,000 years ago, well as far as we currently know they died out.

We may have been a tribe of about 200 – 300 people, although generally speaking Hunter – Gatherers are deemed to have closer to 1,000 people in a tribe. This is based on 1800 obversations of the Native American tribes, who would have had a further 50,000 years of population growth, which would work out at quite a few more people.

There would have been 5 per family unit, with another 1 or 2 family groups as extended family, and maybe another extended Family Group or two as the Band, which will give us a total of maybe 45 people in the Band. But there would have been several Bands within the Tribe, maybe 5 or 6 Bands.

Star Carr in the Vale of Pickering and Mount Sandel in County Antrim point to the size of the Family Unit and the possible Extended Family Group. Both of these were in use about 9,000 BCE, if not earlier, which puts them 4,500 years older than the worlds oldest city Uruk in Southern Iraq. But the earliest archaeological evidence found in the UK of Hunter-Gatherers is at Robin Hood Cave on the Derbyshire /Nottinghamshire Border, dated to 12,600 years ago. This cave is halfway up the Country, which proves that we were here during the Iceage. Skara Brae is a stone-built Neolithic settlement, located on the Bay of Skaill on the west coast of Mainland, the largest island in the Orkney archipelago of Scotland. It consists of eight clustered houses, and was occupied from roughly 5180 BCE.

So we were on these Islands at least 12,600 years ago, and we never left, although there is some evidence that “Humans” were in Southern Wales about 45,000 years ago, but so far I have not come across this evidence, but it is possible that this was so, although 90% of Wales at this time, was covered in Ice, up to 1,800 meters thick in places, so it would have been a tad cold.



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