apart from me is anyone still on myspace, so much less personal stuff on there, and really unless I wanted to steal your id why would I want to know where you went to school, grew up, work, live, went on holiday, had for lunch (ham sandwich with lettuce… yum), currently walking down the street, OMG I saw a person not on there phone WTF.

Do I care? No, stay on FB and I will stay away from fB thank you very much.

Oh and while we are on the subject You have a social media tag for everything including Google, How about WordPress doing for Myspace… just for me, so all of my 0 followers on myspace know what I am whineing about on here, and vice versa.

Anyway I am here



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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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