A Loaded Gun?

Funny that such a small thing as not running to the Doctors every time you do not feel 100% can really mess things up, But I do not, and nor has my Wife for the last 20 years or so. Because they can not do anything about it anyway, and half the time they listern and do not add notes regarding the suituation you are currently in, which ends up really screwing things up when you do require additional help.

This all stems from Hull University not letting me do the course this year, and now we have to sign on again, but I look after my Wife, as she needs it, I sort things out, but her not going to the Doctors since they all went digital records means that there is no record of her problems at all, which means getting any money without her having to run all over this city looking for work for 35 hours a week is going to be a major problem, hence the loaded gun.

Thanks Hull University for loading the gun for me.


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80's Rocker who is grumpy most of the time. Alternative Faith, I love 60 - late 80's Rock and Roll, Heavy Rock and also into Archaeology and history, (50,000 - 3000 BCE) of West Europe and North-West Africa.

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