Time enough for Time to pass

So where do we go from here, this is all leading somewhere, the Trust, Love, and Reflection, so where is it all going? Which is the Path that is clear? This was going to be written earlier, but we were banned from typing during the day, and at night I have been really tired, and then C19 happened, and this got put on a back burner, but it needs doing, every story has an ending, but is this the End? Maybe, maybe not, I know not, at this time.

So we have had a good, honest look at me, how my mind works, what I hold important to me, the Virtues worth holding with both fists, and not letting go. But there is Time to kill, Time enough for Time to Pass, but there is a choice, a bad choice, and a really bad choice, but regardless it is still a choice.

Choice 1, the bad choice is to stay here, weather the continuing storm which is lashing me everyday, or Choice 2, the really bad choice is to leave now, pack my kitbag, camping gear, and walk away, go home. But how to get there, that will be a big problem, hence a really bad choice, especially has I will have no money. At least I have a roof, food, and can stay away from people unless I go to the shops. But it is still a choice which is available to me. Since Hilary kicked me out, but magnanimously allowed me to stay 24 hours, and then 2 hours from me walking out the door, she said I could stay, but only if I stay away from Annabelle, which, due to the lockdown, is not a problem. But Annabelle needed shopping, has she was really ill, so twice I went and got her shopping when I got mine, happy to do it, would do it for anyone, but only if I am going out anyway. So now Annabelle is getting home delivery, so that is sorted.

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Love is a Four Letter Word, Sorry is a Five Letter Word, Perception is the Only Truth.

Magic is just Hocus Pocus

Science is still playing catch up

Which part of the above statement is right, correct, true? Both are, I know a tad hypercritical Dave, but is it? Really? No, it is about Perception, what we see and feel, but not with our eyes, but with our mind. Now I could go into Biology or Psychosomatics here, but 1 I am not qualified and 2 that will bore and detract from the purpose of this. But I had to write Mirror, Mirror first before this one, otherwise it will not really make sense or be in sync.

What do we Perceive? Everything, what we see, what we read, the people we meet, the music we listen to, Everything. All of it is processed by our brain, and filtered through 1,000’s of years of genetic memory, and a lifetime of social and personal constraints, what has happened to us in the past, abusive partners, cheated on, our childhood, our Ancestors, line upon line, all the way back.

There are many words which are thrown around by everyone (well most of us, ok some of us. Gods ok just a few of us then, happy?) Love is one such word, has stated afore, what does it mean? Everyone has their own option on it, and all are right. Because it is how that person Perceives it to them, that song which speaks to them with that memory, that feeling. We all of us have got a story to tell, centre stage in our own play, playing the lead character, always seeing the world in our own very unique view.

We All Cut, We All Bleed

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Let me see the Real Me

So Who do you see when you look at me? Who do you see when you look at you, and I really mean look, warts and all. I have spent a decade now really looking at myself, judging myself, not against others, but against a tougher target, my view of myself. Who am I?

I will be honest here, warts and all, I am so far from perfect, except for my stunning Devilish Good looks, (now you look at the picture and burst out laughing, I do). I have been a bad boy in my youth, I have had a rough time of it, not has rough has some have, but rough enough. But I accept that a lot of people have had a rough time of it, it is wrong, but it happens, a lot.

I have stolen what was not mine to take, from a shop, got busted for it, had my punishment, and learned my lesson. I have done various drugs, while experimenting with Faith to try a talk to God/Divine, which ever path I was on at the time, I smoke, but do not drink, I am Grumpy, sometimes very Grumpy, the Greater Grumpy Dave, and I went through decades of Manic Depression, the later years due to my Wife, until I one day woke up. I have been physically, Mentally, Emotionally abused by those who I trusted unreservedly, including one Parent and my wife, I have been betrayed by a Girlfriend, been in several “Gang” fights, although Gang is a strong word, 150 Rockers, all friends, and walking home from the pub, alone, in leather and cut, you get jumped. I fought at school, lost more than I won, bullied to hell and back at home and school.

I am stubborn, very stubborn, sometimes annoyingly so but if my mind is made up then I stick with it, until either I find out I am wrong/the cause is wrong, or I win the fight. I do not ask for help, taught a long time ago that I am alone and no one will help, or help grudgingly but then I owe them one. If someone does something to help me without asking, just because they can, then I am very grateful, but if the ask if I need help, then it is always a no.

STOP That, now, this is not a sob story, I said stop, absolutely no reason for that.

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Respect, Trust, Love

It was requested that I edit this piece, and that some of it was embellished, but I was not told what was, so this has been edited at ones request.

Ok, so this is a follow on from my other piece Respect, Trust, and Honour, which I posted awhile ago, but I feel that I need to expand on this, nothing has changed with regards to the meaning of the three, but How to include Love into the mix.

First thing is to understand Love, what is it? And there is really no easy answer to this, ask a dozen people and each will have their own view on it. But What does it mean to me? For me there is three types of Love

  1. I love Cats, British Motorbikes, Rock and Roll (what a surprise there), Rugby Union, Ireland, Mum, just to give you an idea

  2. a deeper understanding and commitment Nature, and a Woman who we shall call Annabel . This is not her name, but she is a very smart woman, if she reads this, she will know. And another woman called Kat, but with Kat it is different, totally different. She is an adult, but half my age, so it is more Father/Daughter type thing.

  3. Being in Love with, which is currently no-one, and by the way it is going, will never be, just the way life goes on.

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Porn Block or Data Theft


To be honest here, this is needed, and it is so long over-due is really makes me wonder why it has taken so long to get into place. I knew it was needed back in ’06 when I wrote a dissertation on the risks of the internet for college, and I said at the time that there was no block to stop 14 year old boys from accessing pornography. A simple “is it legal for you to view adult content” is in no way going to stop anyone in any country at any age, so something is desperately needed.

By why has it taken so long to do in the UK? I can set up a fake e-mail and facebook account using stock photographs, and then, by all accounts I am of legal age to view adult content. Especially if my e-mail is google, this is easy to do. What is to stop them from using their phones? NOTHING, sad but true. If you use the sim card and phone internet then yes you will be stopped, so no block needed. Wrong, has I can show (because my sim card payments come from my Wife’s bank, the phone said no I can not view adult content, but if I use a third party browser, I can access unlimited (up to data allowance anyway) pornography, even the extreme stuff. So still a block will not work, especially if it comes from central Government, in any country.

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Monsanto, glyphosate, and POEA

Well I have been saying it for years, Monsanto can not be trusted, their food and crop is poisoning people, maybe billions of people, depends on how many people use their GM crop and the associated weedkiller, which they (Monsanto) insist on people using with their crop. I asked various Cancer and related organisations with regards to the rise in cancer and apparently there was no link, but this was a few years ago, but the WHO is now saying different. It is about time this poison was pulled from our shops and treated like any other poison, send it back to Monsanto, and then let them get rid of it.

I said it here, and I will say it again now GM is not fit for purpose, not fit to eat, not unless you want to die a slow and painful death due to cancer. Is it a Theory when it is fact? And can it still be classed as a Conspiracy? No and no, it is no longer a Conspiracy Theory when there is now proof.

But saying this Monsanto have said that it is safe to use, that there is science, results which back up the “Fact” that it is safe to use. And yet there is now Science which proves otherwise, and their scientists are not going to turn round and say that it is not fit for purpose, not with their jobs on the line. No gentle reader, Monsanto will have spin and doctored Science to prove that Roundup is safe to use, but 40 years is too late, and over that 40 years an increase in cancer and other diseases and obesity and an increase in GM and Roundup use. Is it any wonder that the EU, for the most part, do not want it here.

Further to this it can (the inert ingredients, which are hidden from the public) cause birth defects as reported here https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/weed-whacking-herbicide-p/ and studies in France, Sweden and investigation in Argentina have all concluded that the inert can and does increase the toxicity of the main Round-UP ingredients, including birth defects, increase risk of cancer and major problems with the Umbilical cord cells which as you may logically guess will cause major problems with getting pregnant. Yes better than the morning after pill just use Round-Up, and a all of the cells in the cord will die. As to what other future problems that will cause to the Woman I know not, as yet, but to be honest here, if it is in your system, then you will have a major problem getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. But I guess that this is one way to cut down the population, especially if so many women who are poor, in poor countries are ingesting the glyphosate along with the inert ingredients due to it being in the food and in the very air they breath and water they drink.

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Ties That Bind

We cut we bleed, weirdness abounds

Distrust, nothing to say, so just walked away

Just one Soul to save at the end of this day


Everything I say and know is weird and wrong

with plausible deniability invisible now so-long

Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul has now all but gone


Protecting only myself shut down all feelings

Accusations and insinuations left this shell hollow

Ignored and accused, now a different path to follow


My life my own again cutting the ties that bind

This carcass a new life alone distrust, disregard left behind

A journey begins life to taste, new path alone I will find

Employment and Unemployed for Life

There is almost full employment, and the sad thing is that there are so many not working in the UK that it is clear that some people will never work again unless some drastic change happens. Unemployment is one thing, but we also have those who are on Work Experience or doing Training or Students. None of these are counted as unemployed. America is in no better place, both countries will suffer more when we finally perfect and get automation up and running.



There were 727,000 job vacancies in the services sectors for March to May 2018, accounting for 88.9% of all vacancies. Looking at services in more detail, the sectors with the largest number of job vacancies were wholesaling, retailing and repair of motor vehicles (133,000) and human health and social work (130,000).

There were 2.7 job vacancies per 100 filled employee jobs for March to May 2018. The industrial sector showing the largest vacancy rate was accommodation and food service activities (4.0 vacancies per 100 filled employee jobs). The industrial sectors showing the smallest vacancy rates were construction, and public administration and defence (both 1.6 vacancies per 100 filled employee jobs).

There were 818,000 job vacancies for March to May 2018, little changed compared with December 2017 to February 2018 but 33,000 more than for a year earlier.

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Coincidence or Conspiracy?

I have learned over 47 years that there is a 90% chance that there is no such thing as Coincidence while every day someone, somewhere conspires something, and while most of these acts are nefarious in nature, some are not. Furthermore sometimes accidents happen, and things evolve, plans as an example. But in Africa something has happened which screams Conspiracy, all in the name of (at the very least) greed, and at worst a Global New World Order type Conspiracy. I am referring to in African invasion of the Fall ArmyWorms, or to give them the correct title the larva (Caterpillar) of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith). This happened about two years ago, but we have only just found out about it, Why?

The First I heard about it was Yesterday (7th May 2018) on MSN, a report by Adrian Blomfield, a reporter from the Telegraph Newspaper. At first I dismissed it as scaremongering, as is often the case with today’s newspapers in the UK, there is always a killer this or a killer that happening in the UK almost every week. But I read it and I was disturbed, to my core, which does not happen very often. But what was reported https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/deadly-armyworm-could-march-britain-devastating-african-crops/ was not the usual bluster we are use to, and the more I read the more I understood that what was happening, and I was waiting for the punch-line, which I got at the 6th paragraph from the end of the report, and while Adrian, nor anyone in the report said the name I know that one company stands to make a lot of money from this disaster, which could even destroy Europe’s and Asia’s Main crop.

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